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Stiefel Group Europe - A Portrait

The family business was founded by Heinrich Stiefel in 1982. The basis of the company is built on the great success of digital maps for use in schools and businesses. Today the STIEFEL Group of companies belongs to the biggest wall map producers in Europe. In the meantime the company has grown to a Group with more than 300 staff members in 16 companies in Europe. The decentralised Group organisation is divided into manageable independently operating corporate units. This ensures proximity to customers as well as the ability to react flexibly to international competition. The family business is headed by Heinrich Stiefel and his son Bernhard Stiefel.

As well as developing and selling wall maps and teaching posters for schools and educational establishments; long term advertising such as calendars, wall maps with printed logos and promotional tote bags for businesses; the Group is also active in the printing industry. As a result of the expansion in digital printing, subcontracting work for advertising agencies and international companies is also carried out.

The STIEFEL Group corporate culture is characterized by and lived by the owners. Faithful to the corporate motto of Heinrich Stiefel: „innovation in pictures“ products are created which vividly convey knowledge and ideas.

If you want to be a part of the company please contact us. We are still looking for more partners in Europe. Please feel free to ask for more details and contact us at our headquarter in Lenting, Germany.

Stiefel Tschechische Republik

STIEFEL EUROCART s.r.o. Stiefel Tschechische Republik

Smetanovo nábřeží 454/6
682 01 Vyškov
Tel.: 517 348 083
Fax: 517 346 283

Stiefel Bratislava

STIEFEL EUROCART s.r.o. Stiefel Slowakei

Ružinovská 1/A
821 02 Bratislava
Tel.: + 421 2 4342 8904
Fax: + 421 2 4333 0078

Stiefel Ungarn

STIEFEL EUROCART s.r.o.Stiefel Ungarn

H-2100 Gödölló, Búzavirág u. 26.
Budapest office: H 1141 Budapest, Fogarasi út 127.
Telefon: +36 1 415-2010
Fax: +36 1 414-7080

Stiefel Italien

Stiefel Eurocart KG/SASStiefel Italien

Stiefel Eurocart KG/SAS
Giottostraße 8
39100 Bozen
Tel.: +390 (471) 930191
Fax: +390 (471) 506991
Stiefel Eurocart KG/SAS

Stiefel Österreich

STIEFEL ÖsterreichStiefel Österreich

Stiefel Verlag
Annaburg 7
8630 Mariazell
Tel.: +43 (0) 38 82 30 65
Fax: +43 (0) 38 82 30 654
STIEFEL Österreich

Stiefel Polen

Stiefel Eurocart PolenStiefel Polen

Stiefel Eurocart
Ul.Wiejska 17, Odrowąż
47-316 Górażdże
Tel.: 077 467 73 88
Fax: 077 402 64 50
Stiefel Eurocart Polen

Stiefel Rumänien

STIEFEL EUROCART S.R.L. Stiefel Rumänien

Nr. 280/S
417360 Loc. Oşorhei
Judetul Bihor
Tel.: +40 259-313242
Fax: +40 259-426012
Stiefel Eurocart Polen